How many times have you seen Carpet Cleaning companies advertise super cheap prices? For example, $17.00 per room! Doesn’t that sound too good to be true? That’s because it is. Companies will advertise a low price to get in your door and then add all the necessary extras that you need, accruing several additional costs. Before you know it, your bill becomes close to five times higher! Not to mention that most of the time the quality of the job is not there. Ambrose Advanced Carpet Cleaning is not a sales company! We strive for honest service and superior quality. We are not satisfied until our customer is satisfied. In 2014, we were chosen the best carpet cleaning company in Martin County for the TC Palm reader’s choice award.We take pride in our services and strive for a long-lasting business relationship with all of our clients. We aim to please so that we can extend our services not only once but every time they are needed.