FAQ’s About Our
Cleaning Services

1. Will my carpet be wet when you’re finished cleaning?

The carpet will be damp to the touch when we are through cleaning. The drying time will vary depending on the style of the carpet. Our technicians assist in speeding up the drying time with air movers while they are working.

2. Can I walk on the carpet after it is cleaned?

Yes. However, please keep in mind that the carpets will be damp, so stepping from damp carpet to any hard surfaces will be very slippery. We usually recommend a clean pair of white socks until it is completely dry.

3. Should I get carpet protected with a Scotchgard protector after the carpet is cleaned?

In most cases, we recommend that you do. Factors including the age of your carpet and how well it took to cleaning are considered.

4. Do you move furniture?

For our standard price, we will move smaller objects like tables, chairs, night stands, etc. There is a small fee for moving larger objects including beds, dressers, large sofas, etc. We do not move large king size beds, entertainment centers or large hutches. If there is furniture to be moved, please remove any valuable or fragile objects.

5. Is it true that once I have my carpet cleaned, it will get dirtier faster?

No. This may have been true many years ago. However, we now apply a pre-spray to the carpet first, which is a cleaning surface that helps loosen up stains and soils. We then clean the carpets with a fiber rinse which helps to remove stains and soil. Our strong vacuum system extracts all the soap from the carpet leaving it residue free.

6. Are the cleaning solutions child and pet friendly?

YES! Everything we use is eco-friendly. Having two small children and three dogs, it is very important to us to ensure the safety of our family and yours!

7. What can I expect from my Tile & Grout Cleaning?

In most cases, Ambrose Advanced can make your tile and grout looking brand new. We use a 2-step process that produces unbelievable results.

8. Should I get my grout sealed after it is cleaned?

In most cases, yes. Although, if you have a very active house with multiple pets and children it may be more beneficial to have your floors cleaned more routinely. A common misconception of grout sealing is that your floor won’t ever get dirty again. This is false. If the only thing you are doing to clean your floors is mopping and not scrubbing your grout then eventually the grout will get soiled. The sealer will help keep your grout clean in between cleanings.

9. What if a stain reappears after the carpet is dry?

We do our very best to remove all stains from your carpet. In some cases, stains do not come out. If there is a stain that comes back after the carpet is dry, we will come out and try one more time within a 30-day period.