Hardwood Floors Cleaning

Hardwood Floor Cleaning, Polishing
and Restoration

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services

Wood floors are important features and assets to homeowners. Not only do wood floors beautify your home – they can actually raise its value.

Wood floors have unparalled beauty with its versatile colors of neutral to deep rich wood grains that can easily adapt to any decorating style.

Clean Your Wood Floors and Keep Them Looking New

Over time though, your beautiful wood floors can fall victim to stains and scuff marks that can make them look old, dull, and worn.

At Ambrose Advanced, we are well-versed in the unique intricacies of hardwood floors and best practices to extend the longevity of the wood and bring back their natural beauty.

Shine and Protect Your Hardwood Floors

Our technique, which utilizes a high-speed rotary brush and low moisture, is one of the most advanced cleaning methods and can restore hardwood flooring so that it looks virtually new again.

We use an industry-standard sealer that will preserve and protect your flooring from scratches, soil and scuff marks.

We’ll have your natural wood floors looking years younger by restoring them to its original luster.


before and after hardwood cleaning by Ambrose Advanced Carpet Cleaning